The warranty is limited to the products, depending on the purpose: 24 months for yellow (SPORT) and lifetime warranty for red products (excluding use in motorsport), counted from the date of purchase.
Warranty is limited to original purchaser only.
Warranty does not cover installation labor and shipping costs.
Warranty is limited to replacement of the bush supplied. If you have any questions regarding installation, or notice any issues with Strongflex bushes please contact us via info@strongflex.eu and provide details on car modifications, fitting and attach a picture of the faulty bush.

Replacing rubber parts with polyurethane guarantees exceptional suspension integrity, improved handling and higher safety. Resistance to weather conditions, oils, grease, road salt, acids and solvents, reduces vehicle operating costs and greatly improves tire wear.

Nowadays, rubber components are replaced in vehicles as little as 2-3 years old, because of their low durability and short life span. Polyurethane is usually the next step of improvement. 

Following are the most important benefits of replacing rubber parts with polyurethane:

  • Improved tire life span
  • Suspension integrity
  • Increased driving comfort
  • An increase in safety
  • Decrease of vehicle operating costs